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As an avid reader, I pen what I love to read: Stories that bring hope to a hurting world. Weaving romance among storylines of characters in struggle, I aim to show God working in all situations.

"Faith and hope shine through in this gripping story of a mother’s love and her fierce desire to save her child against all odds. Author Carrie Walker illuminates beautifully for us the emotional struggle faced each day when living with the uncertainties of a life tomorrow; and yet, how the power of a single miracle like a stone cast against still waters, can effect an ever widening ripple of change in each and every heart that it touches. An impressive, emotionally packed debut!"

-Kate Breslin, award-winning author, In Love’s Time

Pregnant and alone, Emma’s life turns upside down at her twenty-week ultrasound. Determined to fight for the baby doctors have given up on, Emma could never predict the lives her son will touch or the love awaiting her.

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