My Books

I've written three novels, and one novelette (a free gift when you sign up for my newsletter). This book is the one currently looking to find a home:

Emma's Hero

      “God won’t give me more than I can handle? I’m pretty sure He just did…”


     After a year of loss and bad choices veered Emma Reynolds from her lifelong beliefs, she finds herself pregnant and alone at a twenty-week ultrasound, hearing the words “incompatible with life.” 

     When her son, Theo, is born alive, Emma fights to give him the best possible chance at life. Convinced Theo’s suffering is her punishment from God, Emma drowns in fear and desolation while single-handedly caring for a baby with special needs. Enter Ben Sullivan, a paramedic with an easy smile and a heart for the Lord. Emma’s heart could heal through the love of this selfless man—if she can make peace with the pain of her past and find the faith she lost. 

     Mason Hughes, a high schooler battling lack of self worth since his father left years ago and loneliness since his friend moved, is catapulted into Emma’s life when his mom volunteers him to deliver groceries and medicine to her each week. Could the task he considers a burden be what lifts him from a life of hopelessness?

    Just as Emma and Mason's hearts begin to find the missing pieces, a blizzard hits Minneapolis. In the midst of the storm, Theo falls into distress and Ben’s life is in danger on an emergency call.  Can Mason trust a faith he is just discovering enough to let God use him in a crisis? Will their hearts need even more repair when the snow stops falling?